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25-te Mistrzostwa Europy JKA 2022 przełożone!

Z przykrością informujemy, że tegoroczne Mistrzostwa Europy JKA zostały przesunięte na rok 2023!

Poniżej znajdziecie oficjalny list na temat Mistrzostw:


Dear Chief Instructor
Dear Association President,


As you have already been informed by JKA Europe President Tony Cronk, we have to postpone again the JKA European Championships from 9th April 2022 to the 1st April 2023!

This was a difficult decision and a frustrating situation for everyone, athletes and organisers alike. Nevertheless, we have to look positively!


We want to send a positive signal to the athletes and to the JKA Karate family, for this reason we decided to hold an International JKA Cup in June!

Based on the experience of the last two years, the epidemiological situation in June is more stable than in spring!

We hope that all JKA member countries can come to Sursee, so that we can finally set a positive sign and enjoy the best JKA Karate!

The tournament details will be sent out in March! If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us!

We look forward to welcoming the JKA Europa karate family in Switzerland on June 18th 2022.

Best regards

Tommaso Minì
Organizing Committee
JKA Switzerland

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